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Los Projects de San Ixtán y Jalpatagua

There is a complex formed by the school of San José Obrero and the nutritional centre with the objective in improving life and development of this community through the education.

The food deficiencies are treated at the nutritional centre as well as other medical and sanitary aspects. We count an average of 100 child admissions per year. The children are returned to their parents as soon as the treatment is ended, a feedback of their health is done consequently.

El Centro Nutricional
People who worked in "Centro Nutricional"

We count 280 admissions at the school San José Obrero , children coming from more than 30 communities nearby having access to:

  • nine levels of the elementary school ( from 7 to 15th years old )
  • three levels of high school ( from 16th to 18th years old )
  • professional and cultural training including technical high school diploma ( data processing, accounting, engineering …. ) and workshops ( joinery, clothing industry, masonry, catering …… )
  • the opening of a nursery school for children from 4 to 6 years old is foreseen and would be operational with the collaboration of volunteers.

There is a classroom for data processing but without connection. An other project will be the access to the university through internet.

Escuela de San José Obrero
San José Obrero's school

ADECO is also managing a similar centre in Jalpatagua which will be integrated to the project of San Ixtán

The main objective of these projects is the training of young people for the sustainable development of their community. Therefore, it is necessary to reckon with infrastructures allowing an adequate and continuous education, material for the workshops ( sewing machines, for cooking ) , for data processing, human resources, financing…


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