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Villa Mella (do) :: Objectives

Objectives and necessities for Malnombre

In September 98, the hurricane Georges has destroyed the major part of the Caribbean islands and a part of the American coast, caring away most of the progress realized and especially the infrastructures built since the foundation of the school in 1991.

Vista de Nuestro Autocar The miserable conditions of the centre after the crossing of the hurricane Georges have obliged Asociacion para la Educacion y el Desarollo Integral Giron to reinvest in a new structure application. Certain damages could be repaired, the school could be reopened and the decision taken was to create, with future grants, an important centre being part of the project of a polytechnic school with the capacity of 400/500 pupils. It is expected to realize a minimum of five technical trainings in addition to the high school diploma.

That's why we still have many things to realize.

The main priorities are:

  • the construction of the new school
  • the technological development of the centre
  • a data processing classroom for the familiarization with the information technologies
  • …….

We are convinced that a good education is necessary to assure the training of children as professionals and human beings allowing them to break with the vicious circle of social renunciation.


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