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Jutiapa (gt) :: Objectives

Objectives and necessities for Jalpatagua and San Ixtán

ADECO is actually reckoning with:

  • one local for the nutritional centre with the capacity of 30 children
  • one local for the medical and sanitary assistance
  • one house for the community and one house for the volunteers with the capacity of 6 persons
  • sixteen classrooms
  • ten computers
  • one cafeteria
Girls and boys learning

Still missing.........

  • modules for toilets
  • outside works: shaft, network of drinking water, electricity, sewers
  • improvement of the nutritional centre and for the medical and sanitary assistance
  • an area for the treatment and cremation of the hospitable waste
  • local for the nursery school
  • increase the accommodation for volunteers
  • library
  • workshops
  • classrooms for data processing and typing
  • chapel
  • local for the administration and direction of the school
  • gymnasium
  • playground

The actual services are:

  • Water: get it from the rain, a common shaft and a natural source. Infrastructures are missing to collect, to filter and to purify it. The situation becomes serious during the summer ( 6 months approx. ) when the water is bought to a lorry cistern. The Foundation Infantia is collaborating to resolve this problem.
  • Electricity: by commercial and public network since two years only. Is necessary to improve the network.
  • Communication: mobile only
  • Transport: a little bus for the school and a light van for the material


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