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Malnombre's Project

The Educational Centre of Girón was founded on June 17th, 1991 as an educational institution providing public and private services. The centre is recognized by "Secretaría de Estados Bellas Artes y Cultos".

The school is an academic community which strictly and with a critical vision contributes to the custody and development of the human dignity and the cultural inheritance through a complete study and services provided to the different communities and the country in general.

Alumnos del Centro Educativo Girón

The institution is responsible for the self-management of solutions concerning development problems of environment and society.

The Educational Centre of Girón actually counts with 150 pupils in mornings and 65 in afternoons registered for nursery and elementary school.

We also would like to promote the scientific progress and to elevate the cultural knowledge of the society without forgetting the real values such as peace, solidarity and social justice for the respect of the human rights.

The children come from nearby villages situated at more than 8Km of distance and the centre has a transport being able to assure the transfer of those living in the most distant villages.

The main objective is the training of competent young people being able to reach a higher education and responsibilities and giving them consequently the ability to modify their environment and community. This task requires a highly qualified professorship as well as the access to the information technologies allowing a follow up of the world events.


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