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ADECO :: ¡ Welcome !

ADECO : Welcome !!

 ADECO ong. is a non profit organization registered on the civil record of Jalpatagua, Jutiapa´s departement-Guatemala- since 1997. However, the founders have been realizing educational, medical and developement labours since 1982.

Its mission is to contribute to the integral development of the people and communities disadvantaged of Central America and the Caribbean, to across of programs of ,education and human values ,health and nutrition  and , technical qualification, not only to improve its quality  of life but to strengthen the value of the dignity human.

In the complex of San Ixtan is located the nutritional center and the hospital for external consultations.

The schools San José Obrero have their seats in the municipalities of San Ixtan and Jalpatagua -Guatemala-, and in the small village of Mal Nombre in the municipality Villa Mella -Dominican Republic-

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